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Dragon Metal Origins A Brother-s Fire_ebook_FINAL.jpg

A Brother's Fire

Dragon Metal Origins 1

Dive into Dragon Metal Origins, a series of e-novellas exploring the supporting characters of the critically acclaimed YA urban fantasy series Dragon Metal!

Aidan grew up angry—and for good reason. His mother took her own life, his dead-beat dad ended up in prison, and the foster care system separated him from his twin sister.

When Aidan tries to reunite with his twin, he finds himself thrust into the seedy underbelly of Chicago, where demons thrive, and the only force that can stand against them is an ancient magic called Dragon Metal. But Aidan doesn’t care about demons or magic—he just wants to save the only family he has left, and he’ll fight his way through anyone or anything that gets in his way.

No, this isn’t a dystopian future. It’s our world, a world where mankind has lost the battle for its soul without knowing.

And in this world, there are no chosen ones.

No special destinies.

Only Metal.

And those brave enough to wield it.

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