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Dragon Metal Sequel Summary!

--Jestin Kase and the Terrors of Shadow Metal--

--Dragon Metal: Book Two--

What happens when you give a group of kids the power to fight the ultimate evil? Trauma.

Now able to harness Dragon Metal, Jestin suffers from crippling panic attacks and visions of memory, pointing to the terrors of his past. The timing couldn’t be worse, as he finds himself up against a mysterious enemy leaving bodies wrapped in chains, a plot to cover Chicago with darkness, and a race toward the fabled First Relic coveted by one of the Three Great Schools of Magic. Not exactly an easy to-do list.

No, this isn’t a dystopian future. It’s our world, a world where mankind has lost the battle for its soul without knowing.

And in this world, there are no chosen ones.

No special destinies.

Only Metal.

And those brave enough to wield it.

Coming May 2023


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