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Early Praise for Dragon Metal

I'm pretty happy with the early, pre-release reception of "Jestin Kase and the Masters of Dragon Metal." It's won multiple contests and awards for Best Fantasy, Best Teen Fiction and Best Action/Adventure.

Here's some recent results.

🥇 1st Place Action/Adventure, The Spice Awards 2021

🥇 1st Place Action/Adventure, The Luna Awards 2021

🥇 1st Place Teen Fiction, The Carnival Awards, 2021

🥇 1st Place Fantasy, The Ascendant Awards

🥇 1st Place Action/Adventure, The Strawberry Milkshake Awards, 2021

🥇 1st Place Action/Adventure, Coral Awards

Thanks to those of you who have read and supported the story online. Can't wait for you to see the edited, print version! Should be June 2022 if everything goes according to schedule.

That's it. End blog.


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