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Obligatory Cat Post

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who has already read Dragon Metal Book 2: Jestin Kase and the Terrors of Shadow Metal! (Yes, I do love needlessly long titles).

Second, and most importantly, THOUSANDS of you (no one) requested more information about my two cats, one of which served as the inspiration for Growly McHissy-Face! And the other one...well, you'll probably meet him to.

This is Max, (aka: "Growly McHissy-Face"), who does not get paid for likeness rights. Thirteen, likes ringy thingies, hates thingies that don't ringy.

And this is Puck (aka "Pants"). Also 13, recently spent some time in a vet hospital, and now Max keeps getting annoyed and hissy because Puck still smells like vet.

So...those are the cats.

As for book news:

-- Book 3, Jestin Kase and the Secrets of Chaos Metal, is almost done with its first round of content editing. Everything is on schedule for a June 2024 release date!

-- The first Dragon Metal Origins e-novella is up for preorder now on Amazon, for those of you wanting to learn a bit more about Aidan, everyone's favorite red-headed wielder of the Dragon Medal of Fire. Here's the link.

-- Book 4 (title classified) is in the early stages. I consider Books 1 through 3 the "intro" books, and Book 4 wraps up unanswered questions and launches you into the next main arc...which is insane.

As for non-book news

-- What am I reading: Wheel of Time (starting my first re-read from the beginning...which, with my ADHD, will take 10 years. I am not joking).

-- What am I watching: Star Trek Strange New Worlds! Also re-watching Revenge.

-- What am I gaming: Diablo 4

-- What am I procrastinating: Literally every single thing that I need to do today.

Ummm....that's all I have to say. Really, I just wanted an excuse to look as busy and as normal as possible while watching my cats re-acclimate to each other after Puck's vet visit.


End blog.


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