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Pumpkin Spice Update

Because YOU demanded it (no one demanded it), here's a pumpkin-spiced update on Dragon Metal Book 3.

--- Copy editing is done; going through one more review. On track for June 2024 release.

--- Cover reveal is coming in November.

--- Also, don't forget that the first Dragon Metal Origins e-novella comes out NEXT MONTH. Preorder here.

So...that's my update.

What makes this a pumpkin-spiced update? Um...well, nothing, I guess. It's a blog post. I can't spice a blog post. So...yeah.

Anyway, other random stuff:

* My cat, Puck, is still doing well, thanks for those of you who asked (except for Scott, who only asked once three months ago and hasn't said a word since, but I am not bitter).

* that really the only thing I have to say?

* ...yeah, I guess it is.

*, I need to get a life.

* ...what does the outside even look like these days?

* ...remember sunlight?

* ... ... ... cookies.

That's all. End blog.


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