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Shadow Metal Release Month is Here!

Finally! I am so excited for the release of Jestin Kase and the Terrors of Shadow Metal on May 30! Orphans! Cats! Shenanigans!

A quick update:

* E-book preorder is live on Amazon: Click here!

* The e-book is coming to other retailers as well (Barnes and Noble, etc.) but the preorder listings have been delayed. The postings will be live by May 30, though, I'll let you know when.

* The print preorder listings have been delayed a bit too, but they will be live by May 30, I will let you know when.

I know that millions of you (no one) is asking: "Hey, J. Michael White...we're stoked about Shadow Metal, the second Dragon Metal book, but what about the THIRD Dragon Metal book???"

Good question!

I've been hard at work on Dragon Metal Book Three! It is due for content editing later this month, so I have months of exciting editing work ahead of me (I am smiling on the outside but crying on the inside).

Anyway...that's all.

Have a great May!

Be sure to celebrate May the Fourth!

End blog...


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