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Answers to fan questions!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Happy July! To celebrate the summer, I wanted to give you answers to some of the top fan questions about Jestin Kase and the Masters of Dragon Metal. Let's dive right in!

"What influenced the world of Dragon Metal?"

Dragon Metal is a love letter to geekdom, influenced by the best in pop culture. Shows like Supernatural and Buffy, books like Shadowhunters and the Dresden Files, anime and manga, comics, tokusatsu, all the good stuff.

"Is Jestin Kase based on anyone specific?"

I wanted to make a modern Oliver Twist.

"Are Gideon and Father Caleb based on anyone?"

Father Caleb is like an urban Han Solo/Dean Winchester type in his youth, but by the time we meet him, he's more tempered. Gideon is very much inspired by Neo from the Matrix. The name Gideon comes from the Bible for very specific reasons, which will become more clear as the story progresses.

"Will we be learning more about the supporting characters like Aidan, Zadie, Everett and Tierra?"

Yes! I have a series of novellas planned, called Dragon Metal: Origins. The first will focus on Aidan. It's complete and planned for a Q4 2023 release. These novellas will come out as e-books only at first, and then collected into paperback.

"Any chance of Gideon and Father Caleb getting their own prequel story?"

Yes! In some way, whether a prequel novel series, novellas or short stories. Stay tuned for details.

"Is Growly McHissy-Face based on a real cat?"

Yes. I wrote my cat Max into the story, because I am just that cool. Also, I have a second cat, Puck. Does that mean we will eventually see a second cat sidhe in Dragon Metal? Maybe!

"Where can I buy Growly McHissy-Face funko pops and plushies?"

These don't exist. Buy more books, and maybe Dragon Metal merch can happen!

"Can we get a Growly McHissy-Face standalone story?"

Yes! I have one short story written that I will include an an extra in an upcoming novel or novella.

"Will you be making any appearances at conventions?"

Eventually. I want to wait until I have three or so books out (no later than 2024), then I plan to attend GenCon and PopCon in Indianapolis, for starters.

"Will we ever learn about Jestin's birth parents and how he ended up in foster care."


"Will we ever get a Dragon Metal TV show or movie?"

Haha no. Unless any of you has a producer as a close friend or relative. Would love for this to happen, but statistics are against me.

"What happens next in the series?"

You'll have to keep reading! I will start dropping teasers and promos for Book Two in November, with a release date planned for May 2023. Stay tuned for updates!

That's it for now. THANK YOU for all your support. If you haven't already, feel free to leave me a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Love hearing from you all.

End blog.


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