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Happy Pride and Other News

Greetings! Happy Pride Month. No, I'm not pandering. For you Gen Z'ers, be glad you live in a time when you can say "Happy Pride" openly (...for the most part. There are still plenty of stupid people out there).

Anyway, thousands of you (no one) have asked what I am up to. So here is the most recent news.

  • Dragon Metal Book 3 comes out this month, on June 25! Preorder an e-book copy on Amazon. The print pre-order will be forthcoming. Here is the link to the Amazon listing.

  • I just noticed the AI review summaries of my book listings on Amazon. So...that's a thing now. Not bad, but still. Makes me feel...uneasy.

  • I'm about 33,000 words into Dragon Metal Book 4 and have to finish the first draft by October. No pressure. I am not freaking out at all. Really.

  • What am I gaming? - V Rising. Yay for castle building!

  • What am I reading? - God Emperor of Dune

  • What am I watching? - Doctor Who, for the first time. I recently finished the David Tennant seasons. Alons-y! Now onto Matt Smith.

  • I need a sonic screwdriver collection.


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