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Colt's Guide to the World of Dragon Metal

The battle of good versus evil has ended.

Good lost.


No, this isn’t a dystopian future.


This is the world we live in today.


Think about it. Every day you see it on the news. Sickness. War. Shootings. Crime. Death. More death. Death again. Missing persons. Oh, and death.


Three Great Schools of Magic were supposed to protect the world from evil, but instead, they warred against each other. This allowed an evil force called the Great Dark to grab hold of our world and fill it with corruption.


Some people still fight against the Great Dark. At least, they try to. I’m one of those people. My name is Jacob Colt. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the nature of the Great Dark and how mankind lost the battle for its soul, a loss that resulted in the heavens splitting away from the mortal world.


I’ve collected my notes in this volume to keep track of the madness we face every day. Babylonian monsters. Judeo-Christian demons. And the remnants of magic, constrained by the Three Great Schools.


Whoever you are, read on. Learn what you can. Try not to smudge the pages.

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