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Dragon Metal Book 3 Releases June 25!

The critically acclaimed Dragon Metal series continues on June 25 as Jestin faces his toughest challenge yet! (Be honest, though, you are here to read about his cat).

A magical cult!

Psychological trauma!

Teenage shenanigans!

Dragon Metal continues as Jestin tries to stop one of the Three Great Schools of Magic from unleashing a magical superweapon. One problem: he doesn’t have any idea what the weapon is, and to find out, he has to fight his way through an island filled with mind-bending traps, evil scientists, and necromantic priests.

Oh, and Emma’s involved. Remember Emma? The “friend” who betrayed Jestin? Twice? Yeah, she’s back. And so is her chain-wielding, psychopathic sidekick with a dumb name: Malachite. Only this time, Malachite has a power-up—something tied to a magic called Chaos Metal. Will the secrets of Chaos Metal be too much for Jestin to handle? (Spoiler: Yes).

No, this isn’t a dystopian future. It’s our world, a world where mankind has lost the battle for its soul without knowing.

And in this world, there are no chosen ones.

No special destinies.

Only Metal.

And those brave enough to wield it.

Preorder an e-book copy of Dragon Metal Book Three now! On Amazon, here.

Print preorder will be forthcoming.


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