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I may be addicted to AI

I plan to keep using real, flesh-and-blood humans for design and editing. However, I did play around with AI images a bit, just for fun, and wanted to share. Hopefully this will help you procrastinate from whatever it is you SHOULD be doing right now.

First up, I tried to make an image of Jestin with his Dragon Metal powered up, but I got this instead...

Next, I tried to make an image of Father Caleb, which would have looked cool except for...a couple things.

Another Father Caleb attempt.

Then I tried to make a picture of Hiss running through Chicago. This one seems fine.

Here's an attempt at Gideon (a little too much Keanu Reeves).

A couple attempts at Colt:

Abilsin (not creepy enough)

Alina (this one seems fine):

So...yeah, AI is fun.

Just wanted to share.

OH! You probably want a book update or two:

--- Dragon Metal Book 3 is coming out in June! Preorder info should be out within a couple months.

--- Dragon Metal Origins is available on Kindle Unlimited: Click here.

--- I'm a few chapters in to writing Dragon Metal Book 4, "The Secrets of Soul Metal"

That's all I've got for now.

End blog.


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