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News and Stuff!

Greetings! A few news items:

* The website is getting revamped. Take a look and tell me what you think!

* The first Dragon Metal Origins e-novella is available for preorder now! CLICK HERE!

* The e-book version of Shadow Metal is available for preorder (print pre-order coming soon). CLICK HERE!

* Dragon Metal Book 3, Jestin Kase and the Secrets of Chaos Metal, has an official release date of June 4, 2024!

* The second Dragon Metal Origins e-novella has an official release date of November 5, 2024! The story will feature...a character we meet in Shadow Metal. So name dropping her wouldn't do much good. The title is Bitterness and Lightning.

Well...that's it. Just wanted to drop a quick update and say hi.

Get those Snickers Eggs while you still can.

End Blog.


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